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The acclaimed and multi-award winning Dr. Christian Boukaram, known as the music artist Dr. Chris, will release a debut single “On My Own” on April 30, 2018. He will also donate part of the proceeds of the sales to the CROIRE Fund at the Fondation Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital in Montreal, Quebec. CROIRE aims to help cancer patients by offering psychological and social support,  in addition bridges complementary therapies to medical treatment with activities such as choir, yoga, nutrition, meditation, art therapy and massage therapy workshops.

“On My Own” was recorded at the historic Studio Piccolo in Montreal, Quebec. He played piano, performed the lead vocals, produced and arranged the song. The sound can be described as a ‘jazzy-pop’. Dr. Chris’s range of musical influences can be heard from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson, Charles Aznavour and Daft Punk.  With “On My Own” Dr. Chris shares his own vivid upbeat style, a crossover of genres he loves, a popular and contemporary big band sound and overall catchy energizing rhythms.

Dr. Chris’s musical spirit and impetus is undeniably guided by this influence and is reflected in his production of “On My Own”, presenting a sort of doctor-ly prescription from his soul, piano and voice to soothe with groovy beats, and a jazzy uplifting, contemporary pop sound.

Dr. Chris also known as Dr. Christian Boukaram lived in the streets of Montreal locality in the Quebec province of Canada. Besides being a renowned doctor, He also owns the qualities of a great singers and songwriter . In addition to this he starred as musician and one of the biggest producers of the town.

He is one of the best and highly regarded board certified cancer specialist at the  Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. Furthermore, in addition to the above list, He is also one of the best Professors of Oncology at the University of Montreal. due to  his extravagant teaching qualities he became a famous author  and lecturer of the town. Since he is an outstanding performer on stage and he became famous.

Furthermore, in addition to above he therefore owns jewels of the knowledge of music in almost every section of music . probably list includes  pop, jazz and electronic. Also, he is master in playing piano and writing best lyrics of the the decade.He has performed at a variety of live concerts and recitals  due to which he had been interviewed in Canada and all over the world.

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Dr. Chris is a board certified medical doctor based in Canada as well as an accomplished musician, author, composer and interpret. Having carved the path to incorporate music to his therapies to improve his patients’ well being, music has now become a part of their healing journey.
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