Dr. Chris is a passionate, trained and dedicated musician (piano), singer, songwriter, performer and producer for over thirty-five years. He has a catalogue of repertoire from a variety of genres that includes pop, jazz and electronic musique.

Dr. Chris also known as Dr. Christian Boukaram lived in the streets of Montreal locality in the Quebec province of Canada. Besides being a renowned doctor. He also owns the qualities of a great singers and songwriter . In addition to this he emerged  as a great musician and one of the biggest producers of the town.

He obtained a broad musical training.First of all, it started in piano and consequently went deep as much as in theory. It seems like a dream to study at Tekelyan Conservatory in Lebanon and to continue in Montreal, Quebec at. Furthermore, in addition to this he studied under the direction of Professor Louis Lavigueur and at the Université de Montréal in Italian opera studies. The emotions expressed from creating and performing musique have been a major part of this doctor’s entire being, hence an important part of his renowned career.

In the medical and well-being field, Dr. Chris is well recognized as much as  the author of Healer of Cancer. Dr. Chris continuously incorporated a variety of therapies to improve his patients well being using musique as part of the healing journey.  Dr. Chris also founded the choir of cancer patients with whom he performs regularly to raise funds for the cause.

The Power of the Mind consequently  became the bestseller in Quebec. Because of the high demand of book, it was translated into many languages  including Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The book presents Dr. Chris’s enlightening, moving and compelling journey throughout the horizon of science as well as complementary mind-body tools.Due to this it was used in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies.

Throughout his renowned and highly active medical career, he continued his musical  career, producing, composing, performing as well as thoroughly devoting himself to the craft. He always found ways to marry the two deep vocations of his life. For example, he incorporated singing during his scientific conferences and founded a choir of patients with whom he sings regularly. The emotions expressed from creating and performing musique have been a major part of this doctor’s entire being. Because of these special acts,this became  an important part of his renowned career. In his medical work he was  continuously incorporating a variety of therapies to improve his patients’ well being using musique as part of the healing journey.

Dr. Chris has been  very influential in a variety of specialties  from both the field of art and medicine. While Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Jackson and Nat King Cole inspired him as a musician, he cites many from the medical field as well.

Dr. Chris played piano.As a result , he performed as the lead vocalist. In addition to this, he was active in writing songs.  The sound can be described as a ‘jazzy-pop’. Dr. Chris’s range of musical influences can be heard from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson, to Charles Aznavour and to Daft Punk.

Dr. Chris shares his own vivid upbeat style, a crossover of genres he loves, a popular and contemporary big band sound and overall catchy energizing rhythms, presenting a sort of doctor-ly prescription from his soul, piano and voice to soothe with groovy beats, and a jazzy uplifting, contemporary pop sound.

He is one of the best and highly regarded board certified cancer specialist at the  Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. Furthermore, in addition to the above list, He is also one of the best Professors of Oncology at the University of Montreal. due to  his extravagant teaching qualities he became a famous author  and lecturer of the town. Since he is an outstanding performer on stage and he became famous.

Dr. Chris has interviewed  and featured in a wide variety of media outlets that was broadcasted in  various languages viz  French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Armenian.The shows that featured him included  Radio Canada “Le téléjournal”, LCN “Le Québec matin”, La Presse +, CTV News Montreal, Global Quebec Television, FRANCE 2 TV, L’Orient-le-jour, ARTV, TVA: “Nouvelles”, “Denis Lévesque’s Un livre extrêmementintéressant” and “Salut Bonjour Weekend”. (Please see following pages and CV attached for more complete details).

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